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Updated: Mar 12

At EVS Pet Urgent Care, we believe in laying the groundwork for the next generation of compassionate and skilled veterinarians. In a world where choices abound and instant gratification is the norm, young minds often find themselves overwhelmed by decisions about their future. That's why we've made it our mission to create a nurturing environment for the inquisitive minds of our youth, guiding them through the possibilities of a fulfilling career in veterinary medicine.

From preschoolers to pre-vet college students, to veterinary students, EVS is dedicated to assisting young individuals in discovering the diverse facets of a veterinary career. We understand that the journey to choosing a profession can be daunting, and we are here to offer support, advice, and hands-on experience to help them make informed decisions.

EVS Pet Urgent Care goes beyond traditional mentorship by actively engaging with students in various ways. We conduct classroom visits to share insights about the veterinary field and offer a glimpse into the daily life of a veterinarian. Additionally, we open our clinic doors to welcome students, allowing them to shadow our experienced professionals and immerse themselves in the dynamic world of veterinary care.

As an integral part of this mentorship program, EVS Pet Urgent Care is honored to contribute to the development of future veterinarians. By providing real-world exposure and mentorship opportunities, we aim to shape the minds of aspiring individuals and equip them with the knowledge and passion needed to excel in the veterinary field.

If you are interested in bringing EVS Pet Urgent Care to your school either in person if local to one of our locations, or remotely, or, if you are interested in any hands-on experience, or shadowing, please contact us at!


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