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Dalmatian Dog

The EVS Pet Urgent Care Process

Dog and EVS Check-In App


Download the EVS app to save your spot in line

Our EVS Check-In app allows you to save your spot in line from the comfort of your home, and avoid long waits with your furry friend. When you're third in line, you will receive a notification to come to the clinic. 

*For previously seen pets, you can simply check your pet in with their existing profile. 

EVS Check-In App download for Android
EVS Check-In App download for Apple


Comprehensive Exam and Consultation with the Veterinarian

Upon arrival at our clinic, your pet will complete an intake with one of our veterinarian assistants to gain a full picture of your pet's current condition. Following the intake, your pet will receive a full physical exam by one of our veterinarians to determine relevant testing and treatment. 

Veterinarian and French Bulldog
Cat and stethoscope


Treatment Plan Review

Following the physical exam, we will review with you the treatment plan and associated costs.


Diagnostics and Treatment

We conduct any necessary diagnostics as per the veterinarian's recommendation. All of the results will be reviewed with you in real time and will guide us to suggested treatments. 

Dog bandage
French Bulldog Sleeping


Discharge and At-Home Recovery

Your pet will be discharged from our EVS clinic with at-home care instructions and medication if necessary with a clear understanding of what the next steps are. The record from your pet's visit will be sent both to you and your family veterinarian for all necessary follow-ups. 

Any questions about our process?

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