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Understanding Canine Ear Health

Dog scratching his ear

A dog scratching their ear/s is the first and most common sign of an ear problem. Of course, an occasional ear scratch is normal and does not mean that your dog has an underlying ear issue. However, if you observe your dog scratching their ears constantly, it is likely that they are experiencing pain and discomfort, and they need to be examined by a veterinarian.

These symptoms are the most common clinical signs we see associated with ear infections, but can be a sign of many underlying conditions. This is why it is important to schedule an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian.

The Importance of a Thorough Veterinary Examination

During the full physical exam, your veterinarian will assess your dog’s ears, looking at the ear flaps, and also perform an otoscopic examination (using an otoscope, they can see the ear canal and eardrum).

Microscopic Examination for Precise Diagnosis

In case of ear infections, microscopic examination of the dog’s ear wax is very helpful. It gives us an answer if there is an ear infection and what causes the infection - yeast or bacteria (cocci or rods), or ear mites. This way vets can prescribe the best medication to treat your dog’s ear infections. Usually, ear medications are the ear drops or ear ointments.

Tailored Treatment Options for Canine Ear Health

There are so many options right now - you can go home with ear medication to apply it every day in your dog's ears, or you can be offered a single-dose treatment administered by veterinary personnel and lasts for 30 days.

Exploring Other Causes of Itchy Ears

Ear infection is the most common reason why your dog scratches their ears, but there are some other causes of itchy ears in dogs. Here are some of them: allergies, skin infections, ear mites, ear polyps, foreign bodies in ear canals.

Prompt Action for Canine Comfort

This is why if your dog has itchy or inflamed ears, see your trusted veterinarian. Do not wait; your dog can be in pain and it can worsen quickly.

Proactive Ear Care at Home

Regular ear cleaning at home may prevent ear infection. Veterinary personnel can demonstrate the proper way to clean your dog's ears and recommend the best ear cleaner for your dog.

When you suspect your pet has an ear infection, EVS Pet Urgent Care is here for you. Walk-in to any of our urgent care facilities, or save your spot in line by downloading our application: EVS Check-In. If you have any questions, give us a call at 877-URGI-VET [874-4838].

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