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EVS Pet Urgent Care's Dedication to Local Rescues and Shelters

Updated: Mar 24

At EVS Pet Urgent Care, we're more than just a veterinary clinic. Our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional medical services; it's about actively contributing to the well-being of the communities we serve. As a veterinarian-owned and operated establishment, our ethos centers around supporting local rescues and shelters, striving to make a tangible difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

Comprehensive Care for Every Pet

Our mission is clear: to deliver top-notch veterinary care that encompasses examination, diagnosis, and treatment while ensuring clarity for pet owners regarding their next steps. Whether it's follow-up care with their primary veterinarian or referral to a specialized facility, we prioritize the health and welfare of every patient that walks through our doors. With state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities, including blood work, digital radiology, and more, we leave no stone unturned in providing comprehensive care.

Championing Shelter Medicine

Passionate about shelter medicine, we recognize the critical role it plays in addressing animal welfare issues. By actively engaging in education and providing accessible care, we aim to strengthen the bond between humans and animals while reducing the influx of pets into shelters. While we currently don't offer preventive or surgical services, we remain steadfast in supporting initiatives that promote responsible pet ownership and welfare.

A Helping Hand for Rescues and Shelters

To further our commitment, we extend an open invitation to rescues and shelters to leverage our services at any of our locations. By setting up accounts for all pets in their care, we streamline the process, ensuring prompt attention and comprehensive care for every pet in need. We understand the urgency of post-adoption care, which is why we advocate for immediate veterinary evaluation to address any underlying health issues swiftly.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We're always eager to explore new initiatives and collaborations that benefit our communities and the pets within them. Whether it's brainstorming innovative solutions or discussing ways to enhance our services, we welcome the opportunity to connect and work together towards our shared goals.

Let's Connect!

As the CEO of EVS Pet Urgent Care, I'm committed to making a positive impact in the lives of pets and their owners. If you share our passion for community-driven veterinary care, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can strengthen the fabric of our communities, one paw at a time.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Dr. Jordana CEO of EVS Pet Urgent Care

*From an early age, Dr. Jordana harbored a deep-seated passion and sense of duty towards aiding homeless pets. Beginning her volunteer journey at a local humane society in South Haven, Michigan, at just ten years old, she made a heartfelt promise to return as an adult to effect even greater change. Today, that same dedication resonates strongly within us, as we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our communities. #wearethechange


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