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EVS Pet Urgent Care new branding announcement

As a startup, EVS Pet Urgent Care  possess the agility to undergo rebranding seamlessly, causing minimal disruptions. Despite the evolution of our logo over time, our unwavering mission remains steadfast. In this blog post, we are thrilled to present our new logo, offering insights into its profound significance.

Purpose and Vision: Redefining Pet Urgent Care

The inception of EVS Pet Urgent Care was driven by a dual purpose: providing an alternative to emergency rooms for pets in immediate need and ensuring clients receive superior care in moments of urgency and stress. Beyond this, our visionary approach extends to offering veterinary colleagues in general practice and emergency care the luxury of breaks and timely shifts. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in care for pets, clients, support staff, and fellow veterinarians.

Championing Transformative Change

Embodying our commitment to transformative change, we champion the hashtag #wearethechange. Our intent goes beyond surface-level adjustments, rejecting a mere band-aid approach. Instead, we aspire to tackle fundamental challenges with precision and strength from within.

Symbolism in Logo Design: The Essence of EVS Pet Urgent Care

EVS Pet Urgent Care Logo

The colors within our logo carry significance. The vibrant orange embodies happiness, warmth, enthusiasm, and joy, while the deep navy blue symbolizes trust and stability. Together, these colors visually encapsulate the essence of our core values.

Our logo prominently features arrows symbolizing change surrounding a medical paw print. This deliberate design extends beyond aesthetics; every facet of our clinic, from workflow to communication, is meticulously crafted to generate a positive impact on our community and the veterinary profession.

Embracing Change: Ready for a Reset and Reload

We stand prepared for a reset, a reload, and to embody the transformative change our profession urgently requires. The hashtag #wearethechange echoes our commitment, inviting all stakeholders to join us on this impactful journey.


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