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Dr. Jordana, DVM

Founder and CEO

Dr. Jordana has always believed that being a veterinarian was her true calling. She started volunteering at a local animal shelter when she was just 10 years old.

In 2005 Dr. Rosen graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and that calling became a reality. She briefly worked as an associate before becoming a partner at a small animal hospital. Dr. Jordana enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine including preventive care, diagnostics, and surgery. Her real joy, however, is creating an environment where personal growth is encouraged and realized, as that translates into excellent medicine.

After selling her practice in 2016 she explored what the veterinary field had to offer, and became concerned by the lack of enthusiasm and respect for the profession. It was at that time she realized that it was up to her to be the change.

Dr. Jordana is committed to redirecting the narrative of the veterinary profession. Her goal is to once again make this the profession of choice and trust. She wants to put her colleagues at the forefront of this change, and make sure that they feel safe, supported and confident to change this profession from the inside, for generations to come.

Dr. Jordana is the Founder and CEO of EVS Pet Urgent Care. Her vision is to bridge the gap in coverage between general practice and emergency clinic veterinarians. She hopes that partnerships with local veterinarians will ease their burden and allow for a healthier work-life balance. Most importantly, it will be a necessary avenue for pets in need of urgent care.

Dr. Jordana lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband, three children, Maggie the dog and Junior the cat.
Dr. Jordana, DVM
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