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Tiffany M.

Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany has worked with animals for a little over three years now. She has worked in doggie daycares, and training facilities, and has now found a permanent place in the field of veterinary care as a veterinary assistant. Her passion for working with animals solidified during her childhood as she was taking care of cats, dogs, snakes, birds, a turtle, and one very grumpy bunny. Tiffany is currently looking into programs to continue her education in hopes of becoming a certified veterinary technician. 

Tiffany was born and raised in California, but now finds herself enjoying real seasons here in Illinois. Her favorite time of year is watching all the leaves on the trees change as she welcomes the Fall season. Tiffany currently has one dog named Doug, otherwise known as  "Douglas" when it is time for a serious conversation. They love doing everything together, especially when it is time to go to Starbucks where he wins the barista over every time in attempts to receive a pup cup. 
Tiffany M.
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