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Aiden E.

Veterinary Assistant

Aiden, who relocated from Chicago to Florida with her entire family a few years back, was immersed in the world of animal care from an early age. Growing up she spent a lot of time going to work with her mom at her aunt’s veterinarian clinic. Surrounded by dogs, cats, and now chickens, her love for animals extends to all creatures, not just the typical pets.

During her downtime, Aiden loves grabbing coffee while spending quality moments with her dogs or treating her chickens to snacks, and enjoying their company. At EVS, she deeply values the warm and welcoming environment where every team member showcases genuine concern for the welfare of the animals under their care.

Aiden’s favorite kind of day at EVS is when it involves puppies or kittens. She finds immense satisfaction in aiding these young animals on their path to recovery, helping them regain health and thrive as they grow."
Aiden E.
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